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Welder orderThe automatic welding can be realized by means of pipe rotation and welding head relatively fixed. The welding process can be achieved by MIG welding, TIG welding or submerged arc welding system, and the automatic welding of the pipe welds can be realized. The welding quality is good and the efficiency is high.

Automatic welding center: column welding machine LHZ4x6 (fixed belt rotation), self adjustable welding roller rack, submerged arc welding machine and other parts. The welding center has the advantages of flexible control and easy operation, and can realize automatic and high quality welding.

The adsorption tower assembly production process: in order to improve the welding of large cylindrical structure when the joint surface accuracy, the company according to the actual situation of drum pick face pick-up and applied to the actual, which greatly reduces the cylindrical structure docking docking difficulty, improve the welding quality of welding work efficiency and product.


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